In Support Of

The series is run on a non-profit model. Refreshments, the hall, some of the production costs, and all PR costs have been donated by the team listed in “WHO WE ARE”.  After a portion of production expenses are deducted from the box office, all profits will be donated to various Sherlockian nonprofit endeavors, including the plan to save Undershaw, and various established and professionally curated collections. As dates are firmed for performances, the receiving entities will be announced.

Our next production will donate profits to THE BEACON SOCIETY.

Our first production profits were donated to the UNDERSHAW PRESERVATION TRUST.


Bonnie-Luke-UndershawPhoto of host Bonnie MacBird and Sherlockian author Luke Benjamen Kuhns visiting Undershaw in 2012. The boarded up window behind them is to the room where Arthur Conan Doyle wrote “The Hound of the Baskervilles”.

At this moment we are not set up to offer you a tax deduction credit for your ticket purchase but that may change over time. But rest assured that your ticket purchase ensures a terrific time while you support the arts, live theatre, local talent, and a Sherlockian preservation effort.

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