Leslie Klinger
Website of your host and curator for Sherlock Holmes in Brentwood

The Sherlock Breakfast Club
a Sherlockian meetup group in Los Angeles organized by host Bonnie MacBird in Los Angeles

The Curious Collectors of Baker Street
Long running Los Angeles based scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars with delightful events

Curated Sherlock Holmes
Eclectic and careful collection of Sherlockian links by your host Bonnie MacBird

 The Undershaw Preservation Trust
Dedicated to saving and restoring Arthur Conan Doyle’s historical residence

The Baker Street Babes
wonderful Sherlockian podcasts by friends of your host

 MX Publishing
One of several remarkable publishers of new Sherlockian fiction

The ultimate guide for the BBC Sherlock Fan

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
Long running Sherlockian society in the heart of London, anyone may join!

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